Moviegoer unimpressed with digital IMAX

December 16, 2008 – 11:59 am

The Orlando Sentinel’s entertainment blog writes about a disappointing visit to AMC Altamonte’s 18 digital IMAX theater:

But not all IMAX screens are created equal. The company is expanding its big screen reach, but it’s doing it without spending the money to put bigger screens in place.

Thus, does Doug in Orlando complain about his experience seeing The Day the Earth Stood Still in Orlando’s newest IMAX Theater, the AMC Altamonte 18…

“I’m a big fan of seeing IMAX presentations if available, and this movie had an IMAX presentation. So, the above location stated they were presenting the IMAX feature, and off we went. At no point was the film presented in IMAX. After the movie I visited guest services and exclaimed that we paid an extra $3 per person to have the IMAX experience, but at no time was the movie presented in IMAX. The answer I got was, “We presented the movie digitally and not the 70mm projection.”

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