IMAX theater coming to Kolkata

December 18, 2008 – 5:46 pm

An IMAX theater is in the works to be built in Mani Square Mall in Kolkata, India. The Times of India reports:

“Apart from Dark Night, King Fu Panda, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Eagle Eye that were released last year, we should screen Transformers 2, Madagascar 2, Aliens vs Monsters, Night at the Museum 2, Watchman, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Christmas Carol, Avatar, the next editions of Toy Story, Shrek and Star Trek,” Aeren director Jim Patterson said.

The blockbusters will be a huge draw, classics like Wild Ocean, T-Rex, Into the Deep, Sea Monster, Fly Me to the Moon and Space Theatre will be the basic content at the theatre. “The programming for a day will comprise eight to nine shows, with two classics and a Hollywood movie being screened in turn,” said Patterson, who will decide on the programme and lead the marketing initiative.

. . .

The giant screen at Mani Square will be the fourth Imax theatre in the country and only the second commercial one in operation. The Adlabs’ Imax dome in Mumbai is finding it difficult to source content and the Science City Imax in Ahmedabad operated by the Gujarat government screens educational movies.

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