Producers Jake Eberts, George Duffield talk Jerusalem 3D

August 29, 2011 – 1:14 pm

Producers Jake Eberts and George Duffield discuss their upcoming film Jerusalem 3D coming in 2013 to IMAX theaters:

The Jerusalem Post spoke with Duffield and Ferguson by phone last week to understand how the team expects to create a documentary about Jerusalem that is both all-inclusive and unbiased.

Time and time again, they returned to the idea of showing the city’s diversity as a central theme.

“Our agenda is to get people to come out of the theater and say, ‘I had no idea Jerusalem was all this, that it was so nuanced and so extraordinary, and has so much value, historical value, artistic value and spiritual value,’” Ferguson said. “We want to enliven the global public discussion and [create a] thirst for knowledge about Jerusalem.”

Duffield, who is Jewish and has a long family history of supporting Israel, said he saw this film as a type of philanthropy.

“I want people to see the city alive and breathing, and to combat perceptions people have of Jerusalem currently,” he said. Think of the impact if just a small fraction of the viewers decided to come visit, he said.

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