The Dark Knight Rises could have 50 minutes of IMAX footage

December 12, 2011 – 3:20 pm

Rumors around the web have Director Christopher Nolan stating there will be 50 minutes of IMAX footage in The Dark Knight Rises. From /film:

Tonight at the Hollywood presentation of The Dark Knight Rises prologue, I got an opportunity to speak briefly with director Christopher Nolan. He reiterated part of his introduction, stating that film is very special to him and that the 70mm IMAX presentation replicates the magic of going to movies from his childhood. After seeing the first 6 minutes of Rises in IMAX, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone see the movie any other way (and I haven’t even seen one twentieth of the movie).

And that is when I decided to ask Nolan: “just how much of his film will be presented in IMAX?” He told me that the finished film will likely have around 50 minutes of IMAX shot-and-projected footage. 50 Minutes!

To give you some perspective:

  • In addition to the opening 6-minute Joker introduction, there was another 20-or-so minutes of IMAX footage in The Dark Knight.

  • Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol has 23-minutes of IMAX-shot footage.

Fifty-or-so minutes is roughly double the amount of IMAX footage seen in The Dark Knight. I can’t stress how amazing the IMAX footage looked in the prologue. If you saw The Dark Knight in huge screen IMAX, then you might remember the feeling. I thought I remembered, but I didn’t. It could be that the lackluster films which have since featured IMAX-shot footage (Transformers 2) may have slightly tainted my memories. Seeing Batman again, on the huge screen, in the crystal clear resolution, was like seeing 3D for the first time.

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