Filmmaker Sean Casey talks Tornado Alley

January 26, 2012 – 3:47 pm

Denver Westword interviews filmmaker Sean Casey on his latest film, Tornado Alley:

Westword: How did you come up with the idea for Tornado Alley?

Sean Casey: We had been doing an IMAX film called Forces of Nature covering tornadoes. That was back in 1999. In that production I fell in love with the whole environment — going underneath these super storms to get next to these tornadoes. I wanted to get footage we hadn’t already gotten. So there was this idea to build a tank to drive straight into the path of a tornado. A part of me thought, “If you’re going to spend all that time and money chasing storms, it would be nice to have the potential to capture the actual power that exists out there.”

Were you able to successfully capture that power in Tornado Alley?

Yeah. That was footage taken over eight spring seasons. It was expensive to shoot in IMAX, so I’d only pull the trigger on the really severe weather events that I couldn’t resist not filming. These storm structures, the hail and the lightening, with the IMAX format — I think we really captured what its like to be next to these monster storms.

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