DMNS curator Joe Sertich talks Flying Monsters

January 27, 2012 – 2:31 pm

Denver Museum of Nature and Science curator, Joe Sertich, talks about the film, Flying Monsters, currently playing at their IMAX theater:

Westword: Tell us a little about the pterosaur. Why isn’t it that well-known?

Joe Sertich: It’s often mistaken as a dinosaur, and they’re closely related, but basically it was the first reptile to begin flying. Insects went into air, and at first, there was nothing there to to eat them. There was all this food flying through the air, and lizards and reptiles were the first to go into the air after them. Pterosaurs are the innovators, the first things to go to the air and take advantage of that different kind of ecosystem. They didn’t have feathers — they actually used wing membranes, like bats have, to fly. Eventually, they became huge. Some were the size of an airplane.

. . .

Why should people come see this movie? Did you like it?

It’s one of the better dinosaur/paleontology movies I’ve seen in a long time. The pterosaurs, especially in flight, are very well done — its a lot like Avatar. But it also mixes in a lot of good information. It really is cool. I think some IMAX movies are kind of hokey. Some of the ones about dinosaurs seem to be made just so they can show one running around and eating another.

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