Wilmington, Delware IMAX on sked to open November 8

August 24, 2012 – 2:55 pm

Delware Online reports:

A few feet from cars rumbling on I-95 and speedy Acela trains zipping by, the newest addition to Wilmington’s Riverfront is rising toward the sky.

The new, independently-owned Penn Cinema Riverfront, complete with the state’s first IMAX screen, is on track to open Nov. 8, coinciding with the release of “Skyfall,” the first James Bond movie filmed for IMAX.

The city’s first major movie theater in several decades will be brimming with the latest digital film technology and is seen as yet another anchor for the still-developing Riverfront area.

For Delaware cinephiles, this is big. And we’re not just talking about that eye-popping 75-by-45 IMAX screen.

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