Filmmaker Shaun MacGillivray talks with OurAmazingPlanet

October 4, 2012 – 4:08 pm

OurAmazingPlanet interviews MacGillivray Freeman Films’ Shaun MacGillivray:

OurAmazingPlanet: What drives the stories you tell ? Is it the science or the entertainment?

Shaun MacGillivray: A big part of trying to raise public awareness is making sure people actually want to watch the films. That’s a continual balance we have, from giant-screen films to smartphone screens. I think you need to start with the science, but tell it in a unique way. Over the last three years, we wanted to do something more for a passionate cause, and that’s the ocean. So we helped launch One World One Ocean (, a 10-year environmental campaign from IMAX to iPhone to inspire people to protect the oceans. We first talked with the most highly esteemed scientists in the community, like Sylvia Earle, and we felt like a big problem is just ignorance — so few people know about the problems of the oceans.

OAP: What have you done so far?

SM: One of the most exciting things we’ve done is doing a public awareness campaign around the Aquarius Reef Base off the coast of Florida. We filmed NASA training for an asteroid mission underwater, and that they can use that facility as a way to do science and training. We brought cinematographers together and a team, and for a week straight we made online videos and pitched them to media outlets.

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