BIG & Digital Secures Worldwide Distribution Rights To New Documentary, Napa Valley Dreams

November 20, 2013 – 2:20 pm

Las Vegas, Nevada (November 20, 2013) – BIG & Digital, LLC announced today that Napa Valley Dreams is available worldwide to the network of Giant Screen Theaters located in museums and attractions. The film is produced by Rodney Vance of Singular Entertainment and premiered at the Cameo Cinema in the heart of Napa Valley on May 15, 2013.

Vance, award-winning producer and writer, and noted cinematographers Christopher Rusin and John Tagamolila created a stunning visual portrait of what many consider to be one of the most beautiful places on earth — Napa Valley, California. The film represents a place everyone knows, but not everyone has visited, including a few places never before captured on film.

Napa Valley Dreams captures the exquisite light, color and texture of the landscape and the community in a journey from soil to soul. “Napa Valley is a soulful place,” explains Vance. “This place is more than just home to world-class wine and cuisine and we wanted to capture the experience of that, the enchantment of that, and what it’s like to live there and experience the Valley season by season.”

Audiences discover the people, the places and the heart of Napa Valley and get to explore areas rarely seen by visitors, including environmentally sensitive parts of the valley that have never before been professionally filmed. Many consider the Archer-Taylor Preserve and the Dunn-Wildlake Preserve, both filmed for Napa Valley Dreams, to be the most beautiful sections of the Napa Valley. The cinematography is stunning and includes the night sky over Lake Hennessy; off-road biking in the redwood-filled forests; and glimpses into the daily life of local sustainable farms, wineries and spas.

The film highlights Hollywood’s love for wine and features iconic Napa personalities, including: musician Ray Manzarek — The Doors, Donald Hess–The Hess Collection, Glass Artist Gordon Huether, 3-Michelin Star Chef Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood, and Chocolate Atelier Wendy Sherwood with cameos by Eleanor Coppola and the Mondavi family.

Napa Valley Dreams is the first documentary to use the cutting-edge technology of Dolby® Atmos™, a break-through, next-generation audio solution that changes the way people experience entertainment sound. Atmos creates an immersive atmosphere of sound that comes from the ceiling as well as all around you. The sound of a bird, or a waterfall, comes from a specific location within the theater.

The score, composed by Scott Greer, utilizes international instruments and features the song ‘Wine Country Cowboy’ written by Shane Soldinger and performed by The Silverado Pickups, a local band.

“We are excited to distribute Napa Valley Dreams. It is a beautiful and enchanting film and will be appreciated by all ages,” states Tina Ratterman, of BIG & Digital. “It’s perfect to program with exhibits of related topics and to be shown for member, corporate, and fund raising events. There is so much theaters can do to have fun with this film. It’s a perfect film for parents who desire an escape to Napa Valley and for children who find the landscape visually stunning.”

The run time is 41 minutes and can be leased for Digital 2K and 4K Theaters and can also be shown using Blu-Ray and DVD for Special Events and Private Rentals.

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