nWave Pictures Distribution Explores the Enchanted Galapagos Islands in New 3D IMAX Theatre Film

January 23, 2014 – 12:27 pm

“Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland” written by David Attenborough and produced by Anthony Geffen to be launched next month at Montreal Science Center’s IMAX(r) TELUS Cinema, Houston Museum of Natural Science and Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen

Brussels (Belgium) and Burbank (Calif.) January 23, 2014 – nWave Pictures announces the February 2014 release of its new film “Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland” at IMAX(r) Theatres and Digital 3D Cinemas in North America and Europe. A presentation of Colossus Productions in association with SKY 3D, and distributed exclusively worldwide by nWave Pictures Distribution, the 40-minute film is written by renowned naturalist David Attenborough, produced by Anthony Geffen and directed by Martin Williams. “Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland” explores the Galapagos archipelago with its remarkable collection of unique plants and charismatic animals, filmed for the very first time in 4K 3D using revolutionary digital filmmaking technology.

The film is scheduled to premiere at the following theaters this spring:

February 8: Tycho Brahe Planetariet, Copenhagen (Denmark)
February 10: Montreal Science Center’s IMAX(r) TELUS 3D Cinema, Montreal QC (Canada)
February 15: Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston TX (USA)
March 14: Planetario Alfa, Garza Garcia/Monterrey (Mexico)
March 30: Malecon 2000 Foundation IMAX(r) Theatre, Guayaquil (Ecuador)
May 24: Tennessee Aquarium IMAX(r) 3D Theatre, Chattanooga TN (USA)
May 24: Moody Gardens MG 3D Theatre, Galveston TX (USA)
Coming Soon: Arizona Science Center IMAX(r) 3D Theatre, Phoenix AZ (USA)
Coming Soon: Hanwha Hotels & Resorts 63 IMAX(r) Theatre, Seoul (South Korea)

Additional theaters will be added as the footprint expands domestically and internationally over the coming months, with the Asian premiere set for April at the 4th Beijing International Film Festival held in association with the China National Science and Technology Museum.

The film’s official website is http://Galapagos.nWave.com

The trailer of “Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland” can be seen on nWave’s YouTube channel at http://www.YouTube.com/nWavePictures

The poster image and production stills can be downloaded from the film’s IMDB profile at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3431900

Eric Dillens, Chairman of nWave Studios, said, “‘Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland’ showcases our commitment, working with creative filmmakers like David Attenborough and Anthony Geffen, to bring visually compelling stories to the giant screen cinema industry. There is no doubt the film will foster greater understanding of a fascinating biological treasure: an archipelago which is home to some 9,000 species, of which 80% of the land-dwelling population is indigenous.”

“Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland” takes audiences to a paradise unlike any other. Located close to the equator in the Pacific Ocean, these remote volcanic islands have developed over millions of years in relative isolation. The result is a living museum of nature, with an abundance of curious plant and animal species that have adapted to thrive in this unique and challenging environment. Giant half-ton long-necked tortoises lumber among dancing blue-footed boobies and flightless cormorants. Penguins living thousands of miles from their natural habitats share the seas with unique marine iguanas that spit sea-salt. This is a story of discovery, of survival against the odds, and of nature’s ingenuity.

“Galapagos: Nature’s Wonderland” was filmed on location over a ten-month period, followed by five months of post-production. Using breakthrough lightweight digital 3D filmmaking technologies and featuring 4K ultra-high resolution imagery, the producers have brought the extraordinary world of the Galapagos to the giant screen in a way that has not been possible before. The Galapagos Islands are governed by Ecuador and lie some 600 miles (966 Km) from the coast of South America.

About nWave Studios
nWave Studios, an associated company of StudioCanal, established nWave Pictures as the first fully integrated digital animation studio to specialize in the production and distribution of stereoscopic/3D films. nWave was founded in 1993 by Ben Stassen and D&D Entertainment Group and quickly established itself as the world’s leading independent producer and distributor of specialty films for location-based entertainment and institutional venues, with over 80 titles in its current catalog. In 2008, the company launched its first feature-length film, “Fly Me to the Moon”, followed by “Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage” (2010) and its sequel “Sammy’s Adventures: Escape from Paradise” (2012), and more recently the live-action documentary film “African Safari” (2013). These four titles have generated more than $150 million in cumulative gross box office to date. In 2011, nWave secured a co-production, co-financing and distribution deal with StudioCanal to create four feature-length films including the company’s new animated film “The House of Magic” released this past December. nWave Studios is headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) with a sales company in Burbank (Calif.). For more information: http://www.nWave.com or http://www.twitter.com/nWave or http://www.facebook.com/nWavePicturesDistribution

About Colossus Productions
In 2011, after a highly successful collaboration on “Flying Monsters 3D,” and “Penguins 3D” pioneering independent producer Atlantic Productions and British media powerhouse BSkyB created a new company, Colossus Productions, to develop and produce high-end 3D & 4K productions for UK and international audiences. “Galapagos 3D: Nature’s Wonderland” is the first production from Colossus. Since it was founded in 1992, Atlantic’s focus has been on producing great stories told with fantastic visuals, and it has deployed the most cutting-edge technologies to do so. Atlantic has won numerous awards for its film and television work including a BAFTA for “Flying Monsters 3D” and three Emmys for “First Life”. It was an early mover into stereoscopic 3D production and has a future slate of films including “Micro Monsters 3D,” “Secrets of the Royal Garden 3D,” and “David Attenborough’s Night at the Museum Alive 3D”. The company’s websites are http://www.colossusproductions.co.uk and http://www.atlanticproductions.co.uk respectively.

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