North County Times profiles Howard & Michele Hall

February 19, 2009 – 12:26 pm

North County Times talks with Under the Sea‘s Howard and Michele Hall. The new 3D film from IMAX transports moviegoers to some of the most exotic and isolated under sea locations on earth, allowing them to experience face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea.

An entertaining Wunderpus phtogenicus does a pinwheel-like somersault in the waters of Alotau in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea during the filming of the IMAX® 3D film Under the Sea 3D. © 2008 Michele Hall used with permission by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

“In our previous films, we tackled biodiversity and the impact of global warming on the environment, but here we have the specific mention of ocean acidification and what it means to this sea life,” Howard said. “That message translated, we also wanted to make an entertaining film. To make a film about this particular wildlife and not mention the obvious issues of ocean environmentalism is somewhat irresponsible, so we did that while also making a film that audiences could simply enjoy.”

The format follows themes explored in the duo’s previous films, the acclaimed “Island of the Sharks,” “Deep Sea 3D” and “Into the Deep.” In “Under the Sea 3D,” we meet new and exotic creatures with just-as-eccentric personalities, such as the fascinating cuttlefish.

“Many of the animals in this film had not been seen or heard of before on film,” Michele said. “We see this flamboyant cuttlefish mating, and we see all these creatures so close up, it really feels like you could reach out and touch them. We see these sea snakes you can see almost nowhere else, and they are swimming right at you.”

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