Fayetteville, North Carolina IMAX opens in November

October 31, 2014 – 2:40 pm

The Fayetteville Observer writes:

Again and again, Colin Hendrickson asked the two dozen men around him whether they had any sharp objects in their pockets and had washed their hands.

The precautions were important for the task they were about to undertake – unpacking, unrolling and hoisting a 40-by-65-foot sheet of silvery coated vinyl on which the Fayetteville area’s first Imax movies will be projected,
starting in November.
“This is a really hard thing to replace,” Hendrickson said Wednesday as his crew installed the screen at Patriot Cinema 14 on Lake Valley Drive, across from Embassy Suites hotel near Skibo Road.

The cost, he guessed, would be “north of $60,000.”

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