BMZ Review: Journey to Space 3D

March 31, 2015 – 3:58 pm

Journey to Space 3D
By Ann Coates

Giant Screen documentary, Journey to Space, is a 42-minute celebration of the now defunct Space Shuttle Program, as well as an examination of the next steps in deep space exploration. The film is particularly targeted at science and technology enthusiasts. Nevertheless, by focusing on humanity’s desire to explore — and by also having some magnificent images shot in IMAX — the film should have universal appeal.

The film opens in tribute to the recently terminated Space Shuttle Program. Some incredible shots of shuttles before, during, and after lift-off enliven the film. However, scattered among these exhilarating sequences is past shuttle footage in much lower resolution, unfortunately hampering an otherwise rousing intro. Nevertheless, the addition of historical footage provides a glimpse into the breadth and impact of the 30-year history of the Shuttle program.

Journey to Space only truly gets going when it examines the new innovations for space travel, and ultimately a human-landing on Mars. Reaching Mars looms ever closer with new technology not only in spacecraft, but spacesuits, habitats, and perhaps even future colonization of the Red Planet. Exciting CGI images showcase how humanity would get to Mars, particularly via Orion, NASA’s first spacecraft designed for long-duration deep space exploration. Beautifully rendered 3D enhances the voyage and eventual landing of Orion on Mars.

Appropriately narrated by Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek‘s Captain Jean-Luc Picard fame) rounds out the film, with a befitting musical score by Cody Westheimer. Although somewhat hindered by old footage (both of the IMAX and non-IMAX variety), the film still provides a depth and scope to our insatiable need to explore.