BMZ Review: Space Next

April 28, 2016 – 3:06 pm

Before and Now and …
Space Next
By Ross Anthony

Despite the title, SPACE NEXT actually provides an excellent history of international space exploration from rockets to shuttles to space stations and then finally to future plans – most notably humans on Mars.

Surprisingly, the opening futuristic sequence fails to impress. I sighed when I saw it and readied myself for a sub par production. But, my assessment was premature and wrong. SPACE NEXT notches up its visuals at every step. Like humankind’s ever increasing drive to reach higher/deeper into space, this film ups its game sequence by sequence. By the end of the production, it’ll knock your socks off.

It sports far more SPACE BEFORE and SPACE NOW than SPACE NEXT, but it’s still well worth seeing for education and inspiration.

Space Next. Copyright © 2016.
Directed by Luke Ployhar. Written by Scott Pearson. Produced by Luke Ployhar, Ashley Jahnke.

Grade……………………..A- (3/4)

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