BMZ Review: Amazing Mighty Micro Monsters

September 19, 2016 – 2:44 pm

Amazing Mighty Micro Monsters
By Ann Coates

Despite its unfortunately long and forgettable title, the documentary Amazing Mighty Micro Monsters explores the tiny world of insects in an engaging and entertaining manner. Utilizing the conceit of insects having super-powers, the film examines numerous insects and all their uncanny abilities. A sure-fire way to entertain and educate kids, the film has enough charm to engross (and likely gross out) the casual viewer.

Through the use of macro-technology and 3D, these filming techniques provide viewers with an up-close and at times way-too-intimate look into the life of insects. Every minuscule hair on a spider’s back and every twitching antennae is captured and displayed on the Giant Screen. Lovingly of course. Once you get passed the ickiness of it all, the film does provide some very interesting insights into what these little bugs can do.

The insect world has its own battles, humor, and romances if you’re willing to look. The science behind these insects seamlessly combines with their tiny dramas making for both an educational yet enjoyable romp into the life of bugs.