Lake Superior News covers Science North IMAX’s 2D to 3D switch

February 27, 2009 – 6:29 pm

Lake Superior News talks with Chief Projectionist Ron Pinard on the recent switch from 2D to 3D at Subury’s Science North IMAX Theatre.

Converting the Science North IMAX theatre to accommodate 3D film technology has meant a complete interior renovation of the entire projection booth, as well as upgrades to the theatre and CTV Atrium.

“It’s easier to say what we haven’t changed,” said Ron Pinard, Technical Specialist and Chief Projectionist at Science North.

In the past two months, work crews have mounted a new 5-storey screen, installed two new projectors, removed and replaced the seats in the theatre and installed new carpeting. Even portions of the acoustic wall panels have been changed.

The new silver screen, which is made of vinyl and painted silver, provides the best possible image for IMAX films, whether they are in 3D or the classic IMAX format.

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