Magic of Flight Blu-ray has ‘truly amazing aerial footage’

April 29, 2009 – 3:12 pm

DVDTalk gives their review of the Blu-ray edition of MacGillivray Freeman Films’ The Magic of Flight. The Blu-ray disc hits stores May 5.

So I may be cutting this piece a little more slack than it’s due simply because it made me feel personally better about my aversion to speeding skyward at several hundred miles per hour. The Magic of Flight, narrated by Tom Selleck, is surprisingly earthbound, both figuratively and literally. While it has some truly amazing aerial footage, mostly due to cameras mounted on planes, notably Blue Angels jets, there’s just as much time spent on the ground, following a Blue Angels rookie, for instance, as well as in brief interview segments with stunt pilots and a Smithsonian curator who gives some brief background on the history of flight and the physics involved.

Speaking of physics, one thing I would have loved to have seen is some sort of description of how the Blue Angels, whose stunt flying makes up the bulk of this 40 minute outing, plan and execute their tricks. There certainly must be algorithms and split second timing planning involved, but nothing is ever explicitly discussed, other than how various rolls and tucks tend to physically strain the pilots.

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