BFI IMAX wows Kuwaiti blogger

June 30, 2009 – 12:23 pm

The Q80 Mix blog reviews the BFI London IMAX theater:

Before I flew back to Kuwait I decided to catch the new Transformers movie and when I found out that they were showing it at the BFI IMAX in London , I thought what better movie to watch on the IMAX cinema ! As its been years since I was last in an IMAX theatre I forgot how enormous the screen is, when I walked in I was like WOW ! Considering it was an afternoon performance during the week, I was surprised how packed it was. Before the movie started we were treated to the trailer of the new Harry Potter movie which looks a lot of fun and looks stunning in IMAX (it opens on 15 July).

When the main movie started the film did not cover the entire screen, there was a bar on the top and bottom of the picture (a bit like when you watch a DVD in 16:9 mode), but the screen is so huge it really doesn’t make a difference. But the director Michael Bay filmed a major battle scene specifically for IMAX which meant that it covered the entire screen from top to bottom for about 10 minutes. And yeah, that made it even more amazing.

The sound is great and the picture crystal clear. You do definitely enjoy the experience more. The cost of the ticket is £13.50 which is around KD 6. When you consider that’s how much we pay here in Kuwait for the “VIP” cinema, its well worth the money.

Also check out Q80 Mix’s tips when visiting London’s IMAX:

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