Video: MTV talks with James Cameron on kick ass action of Avatar

July 29, 2009 – 4:18 pm

MTV has posted their San Diego Comic-Con interview with filmmaker James Cameron who talks about what audiences can expect from the highly anticipated Avatar.

Movie-hype quiz time: Is James Cameron’s “Avatar” the most frantically anticipated movie of the year, the last several years, or the new millennium?

Well, Cameron has been working on his 3-D sci-fi tour de force since 1995, when he first wrote the treatment for a film about aliens, genetic engineering and deep-space war. Along the way he and his team invented a slew of new filmmaking technologies, secured a budget that exceeds $200 million and managed to get the fanatics at San Diego Comic-Con drooling over the prospect of training their eyeballs on 25 minutes of “Avatar” footage months ahead of its December 18 release.

“What people like in their fantasy is a fantasy they can invest in, characters that they can recognize, that they can feel for,” the director told MTV News during the convention. “Then they want to see kick-ass action.”

Several of the clips Cameron screened were indeed heavy on the action. “One of them I think is just off its t–s, off the scale,” he said. “The film builds to this climatic battle and the climatic battle is simultaneously huge but very intense for a small group of characters. And it’s a white-knuckler.”

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