Dinosaurs Alive Blu-ray has ‘awe inspiring’ effects

September 29, 2009 – 1:07 pm

DVD Talk offers their review of the soon to be released Blu-ray edition of Dinosaurs Alive!:

Dinosaurs Alive! may look like a Jurassic Park type action film based on its cover art, what with the leering T-Rex jumping out at us, but it is in fact a documentary that mixes up CGI footage that, well, brings the dinosaurs to life, and bits that follow around a team of paleontologists as they go about their digs and do their research. Those hoping for none stop dinosaur action may be left a little disappointed but stick with this one, because even if it isn’t all too exciting all too often, it’s at least very interesting.

At just over forty minutes in length, Dinosaurs Alive! can’t hope to be as comprehensive as adult viewers would probably want it to be, making this a good choice for kids as the brief running time keeps it easy to digest and the computer graphics definitely lend the whole thing some visual appeal. As we follow the two paleontologists and their team of university students to various locations from China to the Southwestern United States, we learn about the different species of dinosaurs that lived in these various areas and then get a chance to see what these scientists believe these creatures would have looked and acted had they not been extinct for ages.

The whole package is narrated by none other than Michael Douglas, a fine actor to be sure but not the most charismatic or regal sounding of narrators. David Attenborough hasn’t got anything to worry about, as Douglas spouts off facts with all the enthusiasm of someone reading the phone book. This can’t dumb down the ‘cool’ factor that we get from the beautifully rendered recreation footage, where the dinosaurs do their thing across a very real landscape. Some of this material is pretty awe inspiring and it probably would have been a real treat to see this projected in 3-D, which is how it was originally meant to be seen in museum theaters around the country (and sadly not how it’s seen here).

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