MSNBC talks Hubble 3D with Toni Myers

September 29, 2009 – 1:13 pm

Director, producer and editor Toni Myers talks with MSNBC on her latest project, Hubble 3D, set to come out in IMAX theaters March 19, 2010:

Astronaut Drew Feustel looms large as he moves a corrective-optics package from the Hubble Space Telescope to a stowage position during May’s final servicing mission. This view was captured by the Imax 3-D camera in Atlantis’ cargo bay. Photo credit: NASA

“Hubble 3D,” due to premiere next March in super-screen Imax theaters, is shaping up as a fitting sendoff for the world’s best-known telescope as well as the most complicated flying machine ever built.

Atlantis’ trip to the Hubble Space Telescope in May may have marked not only the last time that astronauts put their hands on the crown jewels of NASA’s astronomical assets, but also the last opportunity for filming a Hollywood-style production aboard a space shuttle.

“It made me sentimental,” admitted Toni Myers, the film’s producer, director and editor.

Myers has been involved in half a dozen big-screen space documentaries, including “Hail Columbia!” – which dates back to the dawn of the space shuttle age in 1981. Almost three decades later, “Hubble 3D” may be the last of the breed.

“The film age is definitely pretty much coming to an end,” she said. It so happens that the space shuttle age is nearing its end as well. If NASA sticks to its current schedule, the fleet’s final flight will take place in the latter part of next year – perhaps just as “Hubble 3D” is coming out on DVD.

Of course, you’re missing the whole point if you wait for the DVD. The idea behind Imax 3-D is that you get a seven-story-high view of the cosmos, as seen through polarized glasses that make you feel as if you can reach out and touch the spacesuits.

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