Maryland Sci Center to host IMAX film festival

December 23, 2009 – 2:29 pm

The Baltimore Sun B’More Green blog reports:

Already looking for stuff to do over winter break? The Maryland Science Center is hosting an IMAX Film Festival for nine weeks beginning Jan. 5. And they have outdoor adventure in mind.

The films center on grand canyons and raging volcanoes and frozen tundras (and a few less eco-conscious places.) Here’s the rundown:

–“Grand Canyon:” Discovery & Adventure An exploration of man’s fragile kinship with the canyon, from the mysterious Anasazi people who inhabited it more than 4000 years ago to John Wesley Powell’s famous 1869 expedition on the raging Colorado River.

–“Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure:” The story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s now-legendary expedition is a larger-than-life testament to heroism and human endurance. Featuring footage from two expeditions to the Antarctic, audiences retrace the journey of Shackleton and his crew who were trapped on the continent for almost two years after their ship was destroyed.

–“Ring of Fire:” Featuring spectacular volcanic eruptions including Mount St. Helens, Navidad in Chile, Sakurajima in Japan and Mount Merapi in Indonesia, Ring of Fire uses extensive aerial photography and computer animation to explore the immense natural force of the great circle of volcanoes that rings the Pacific Ocean.

–“Tropical Rainforest:” The story of the 400 million-year evolution of tropical rain forests, the film includes close-up scenes of both small and large creatures high in the forest canopy to give viewers a better appreciation of the importance of tropical rain forests and the threats facing their existence.

–“Mystic India:” The true tale of child yogi Neeklanth’s 8000 mile, 7-year journey through 18th century India, his survival in the face of roaring rivers, ferocious animals and the Himalayan winter and the importance faith, friendship and fearlessness.

–“Super Speedway:” Follow Michael Andretti and the Newman/Haas racing team as they test a newly fabricated race car and drive it in hot pursuit of the championship in the PPG CART World Series.

–“Roar: Lions of Kalahari:” When a young lion tries to dethrone the lion king, the elder lion wages the battle of his life to defend his home and offspring in this documentary set in a watering hole teeming with wildlife in Botswana.

Tickets are $8 a film and are separate from regular Maryland Science Center admission. If you buy five tickets, it’s $25. All films will be shown every day. For more information, click here or call 410-685-5225.

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