Hubble 3D pleases crowds, box office

March 30, 2010 – 6:38 pm

MSNBC blog Cosmic Log profiles all things Hubble including the new IMAX film, Hubble 3D:

The movie ranked No. 20 on the box-office list last weekend, grossing about $411,000 in just 39 theaters. We’re not just talking here about No. 20 for movies that usually play at science centers and museums. We’re talking about the big-time list: “Hubble 3D” nearly beat out “The Hurt Locker,” which won the best-picture Oscar earlier this month. It made more money per screen than that other 3-D movie, the top-grossing “Alice in Wonderland.”

It’s not difficult to see why “Hubble 3D” is such a crowd-pleaser: The hardest-to-get shots were the 3-D panoramas showing the four-story-high telescope towering up from the shuttle Discovery’s payload bay, with a fish-eye view of Earth’s disk looming behind it. Last year, producer Toni Myers told me she could get only eight minutes’ worth of film from that vantage point during each of the mission’s five marathon spacewalks.

During one of the panoramic scenes, astronaut Drew Feustel floats right across the screen, guiding a corrective-optics package to its storage slot. “You can see every stitch in his suit,” Myers said. But I was too busy marveling over the zero-G, 3-D effect to count the stitches.

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