The Money Times has positive outlook for IMAX stock

May 28, 2008 – 12:05 pm

Though the most recent IMAX DMR releases have proven box office duds, The Money Times sees a brighter outlook for IMAX stock with the upcoming DMR films, Kung Fu Panda and The Dark Knight:

My favorite play in this sector is IMAX (Nasdaq: IMAX). The big-screen operator has been making headlines by landing juicy joint-venture partners like AMC and Regal to introduce its digital systems this year.

Studios are also warming up to IMAX, since the company can provide supersized versions of their films in an environment where IMAX-licensed exhibitors can charge a premium. IMAX has teamed up with Hollywood for a few clunkers this year, like The Spiderwick Chronicles, Shine a Light, and now Speed Racer, but its fortunes should improve with next week’s Kung-Fu Panda, and the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight, come July.

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