Twilight Eclipse IMAX review wrap-up

June 30, 2010 – 1:17 pm

Here are the latest reviews for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: The IMAX Experience. More to be added here as reviews get posted.

Chicago Reader: “Unfortunately the backstories are much less effective in this screen adaptation, whose plot is encumbered by an endless series of flashbacks (all complete with the requisite portentous music).” Link >>

Mendelson’s Memos: “The film has superior production values and the period flashbacks combined with brief excursions into downtown Seattle add a bit of variety to the backwoods locales. It’s still not ‘big’ enough to justify the IMAX upgrade.” Link >>

Eventful: “Already, ‘Eclipse’ has garnered praise as the best and most action-packed of the three — which I don’t understand. For me it’s the most ponderous and most sloppily directed, and by far the most deadening when the dramatic necessity known as ‘talking’ must be confronted, in between battles.” Link >>

New York Magazine: “How’s the movie? On its own terms, quite good! It’s certainly more stirring than the last one, a barbiturate.” Link >> “Watching Eclipse in IMAX feels like sitting in the first row as ginormous teenage heads are projected onto a Jumbotron.” Link >>

Firefox News: “By the by, I watched Eclipse via IMAX. Just keep in mind this is regular IMAX and not IMAX 3-D so don’t get huffy if the clerk doesn’t give you a pair of those special glasses. Honestly, it isn’t worth the extra $5 admission. See it regular and it’ll be just as dandy.” Link >>