Grand Canyon Adventure opens in MD Sci Center August 4

July 29, 2010 – 4:31 pm

MacGillivray Freeman Film’s Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk opens at Maryland Science Center’s IMAX theater August 4. The Baltimore Sun writes:

If seeing effects-ridden Hollywood blockbusters in IMAX 3D can clog your senses, IMAX 3D science and nature documentaries can get you clean again with their bracing pictures of natural wonders. So it’s no wonder that after 19 weeks, “Hubble 3D” is still in the box-office top 20 (and actually in the top five if you go by per-theater gross). And it’s no wonder that the Maryland Science Center wants to ballyhoo the August 4 opening of “Grand Canyon Adventure: River At Risk,” an IMAX digital 3D production. In 45 minutes, it combines a message about the need for global water conservation with a journey down the Colorado River. Conservation advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his daughter, Kick, as well as ethno-botanist and author Wade Davis and his daughter, Tara, explain the issues and take the adventure under the guidance of a National Park Service ranger, Shana Watahomigie (above), whose Havasupai tribe has lived in the Grand Canyon area for centuries.

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