Blu-ray editions of Alps, Coral Reef Adventure get reviewed

November 20, 2008 – 11:39 am

John and Siena Harlin. (Photo courtesy: MacGillivray Freeman Films. Copyright by: Holcim.)

The recently released Blu-ray edition of MacGillivray Freeman Films’ The Alps gets positively reviewed on

The Alps: IMAX is the first IMAX feature that I’ve seen in a home setting. I was worried that the experience would be diminished considerably compared to what I’ve seen in IMAX theatres. However, once you get caught up in the movie, you basically forget that you’re not in an IMAX theatre.

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Considering that it’s rather expensive to take a family or a bunch of students to see an IMAX movie, Image Entertainment’s line of affordable IMAX Blu-ray titles is a huge boon to documentary enthusiasts, parents, and educators. You get top-notch video, surprisingly robust audio, and substantive extras to complement family-friendly films that instill respect for nature and learning.

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UPDATE: Audio Audition takes a look at the Blu-ray version of Coral Reef Adventure:

While the footage of the dying reefs is heart-rending, the colorful images of the abundant sea life on the living coral reels is captivating. Some of the divers dove to depth they had never before plumbed to try to find answers to the condition of the reefs. The use of the Crosby, Stills & Nash tunes is very clever and appropriate. One of the most hilarious scenes is of a so-called bulldozer shrimp, who clears rubble out of a nest so both it and a large fish can share the space – the larger animal acting as a sort of bodyguard for the small shrimp. While the shrimp works, we hear on the soundtrack the Crosby, Stills & Nash tune “Our House.”

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