IMAX theater opens in Shenzhen, China

November 23, 2010 – 4:39 pm

The Shenzhen Post reports:

On November 20, the world-renowned cinema brand UA Theatre originated in Hong Kong finally landed at KKMALL in Shenzhen. The UA KKMALL, the first UA IMAX cinema in Shenzhen with large sum of investment will soon unveil its mystery and open to the customers. By then, as one of the top three box offices in China, Shenzhen will say goodbye to the history without IMAX.

Customized by KK MALL and designed by a well-known designer in Hong Kong, the UA IMAX cinema has a design style of the Garden of Eden with dynamic flavor of mystery and charm fascination.

Established in 1985, UA used to make a lead to introduce the US type comprehensive theatre from Hong Kong and set up several mini cinemas in one theatre, bringing Hong Kong audience the experience of the brand new and diversified movies.

According to Mr. Huang, head of the propaganda department of Shenzhen UA Theatre, Harry Potter 7 will be released to the general public in Shenzhen on November 19. Additionally, there are many IMAX movies to be introduced into China, such as The Green Hornet, Fast and the Furious, Cars etc. By then, there will be a heat of IMAX in Shenzhen.

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