Zion Canyon theater outfitted with 3D

November 20, 2008 – 12:19 pm

The Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre in Springdale, Utah is now capable of showing 3D films. The St. George Spectrum reports:

Using 3-D technology that can only be described as cutting edge, the theater now boasts a projection system that “didn’t exist a year ago” and is “the first one of its kind,” said Marty Heaton, operations facilitator at the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre.

On a screen that is roughly six stories high and 80 feet wide, lit by two state-of-the-art projectors, audiences can now take part in Brenden Fraser’s perilous “Journey to the Center of the Earth” or slip back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the planet in “Dinosaurs Alive,” both in 3-D, in addition to the theater’s other two-dimensional offerings.

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